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Prophetic Ministry

The prophetic ministry is one of the five foundational ministries mentioned in Ephesians 4:11. The Word of God clearly states the basic purpose of the five foundational administrative ministries in Ephesians 4:12 – “For the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.”

The primary role of the prophetic ministry at Voice Ministries is to build-up the body of Christ, and to help advance the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to allow the Spirit of Prophecy the freedom to actively influence every aspect of the ministry in accordance to the will of God. We believe the Prophetic Spirit is the creative, life giving, inspirational, nature of Christ released through prayer, worship, dance, art/writing, personal and congregational prophecy – and much more – with a special emphasis for ministry.

Personal Prophetic Ministry
The third Tuesday of every month is our Prophetic Ministry Night at The Camp in Osceola. Signup begins at 6pm and ministry time starts at 6:30pm. We are able to do prophetic ministry for 25-28 people who sign up. Please remember to allow 3 months between Prophetic Words.

Due to COVID, we are currently not meeting for Personal Prophecy. We hope to resume soon! 

How It Works
At sign-up, we will have you include your email address and contact phone number. We use digital recorders and we will email you the mp3 file in 7-10 days. Another option – You can bring your own recording device or smart phone. We will still record on our digital recorders for back-up purposes.

We will still be asking for a small donation that will go toward technology upgrades.

For more info or questions, email prophetic@voiceministries.com.

“It is our heart to bless with the gifts that the Lord gives.” 


Stan Dudka and John & Teresa Johnston
Directors of Voice Prophetic Ministry