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The Send LiveStreamWe will be showing the livestream of The Send in Orlando, Florida at IHOP-Michiana on Saturday, February 23 from 10am-10pm. The Send is an action-oriented event to encourage those who have a heart for missions and… Read More

Winter is here, so on snowy days, be sure to check the Voice Facebook, your email, and the local news stations and their websites to see if we are closed.

RADIANT The word radiant means to radiate or reflect rays of light; to be vividly bright and shining. It means to be marked by or  to express love, confidence, and joy. This working of the Holy Spirit prepares… Read More

Join us Sunday, December 23 at 10:30am as we celebrate Christmas together at the Camp in Osceola. The Camp is located at 58247 Crossview Lane, Osceola. There will be worship, sharing, refreshments, and fellowship.