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New to Voice?

Welcome to Voice Ministries! We are glad you stopped by to check out our website. To start things off, we would love to share just a bit about Voice – who we are and what we do.
Voice began in the mid 90s as a “meeting place” for those who were burnt out, tired, messed up and needed something different and refreshing. What people found was a vibrant bunch of passionate worshippers and messages of hope and healing and encouragement. It ...

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The Lion of Judah

I have made up my mind, I am going to believe. Against all evidence to the contrary, I am going to believe! I am going to believe in the power of God within me. I am not going to believe in the world, or believe in what I know and can see and can feel. I am going to believe in what I do not yet know (in experience), in what I do not yet see and in what I ...


Walking in Darkness

Sometimes God wants us to walk in darkness with little or no return from Him. During the Dark Night of the Soul, we are stripped of everything we have depended upon … even hearing His voice.
I believe it is one of His ultimate acts of lovingkindness when He withdraws even His presence. Left to ourselves, are we going to fend for ourselves? Or are we going to pour our hearts out in longing for Him and wait for Him to ...


Transformation by Trials

There comes a point when we would be wise to welcome God’s trials into our lives.
The reason lies in our human proclivity towards sin. It is no lie that we exist within a fallen nature. Though our spirit has been made alive and the living Word now dwells within us, we still move within a fallen nature. It is interesting to see people (and they do not even have to be believers) go through deep, dark valleys, and, as a ...


We are glad you decided to stop by and check out our site. Feel free to look around and see what is going on at Voice Ministries and discover a little more about who we are and what goes on here in Elkhart, Indiana. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at info@voiceministries.com. Thanks again for visiting us.

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